Orange Liquor “Orangel”

Orangel is an orange liqueur made naturally. It has a graduation of 28%. The protagonist in Orangel is the authentic hand-picked valencian orange, the most valuable gift of our land; with a very thick skin, rich in essential oil and aroma.

Orangel is made with a recipe that has 50 years of history. It is a family recipe from a family of farmers in Valencia. For more than 100 years they have been orange growers. Currently, the Tomás family has 15 hectares of orange production. The oranges receive unique care and are picked by hand. The Tomás family orange is the cornerstone of Orangel.

The elaboration of Orangel has two fundamental parts. The first part is maceration. The orange peel is macerated in pure alcohol to extract the essence of the orange and the distinctive color of the product. Secondly, a syrup is made and mixed with the maceration solution. This process is completely artisan.