We are Yago and Pedro, students at UPV, currently in our second year of the Teleco+ADE double degree program. We both have a shared passion for the automotive industry. So, you might be wondering, why are we here this time?

With a keen focus on generating new experiences and making a positive impact, we made the decision to register for the 12th edition of UNIRAID. This exciting endeavor is more than just a rally or a speed race. UNIRAID is an adventure journey with a noble purpose, where young individuals (a vital requirement: aged 18-28 years) embark on a voyage of solidarity. Participants navigate through various stages in Moroccan territory, guided by a roadbook.

To achieve this, participants must overcome various obstacles, challenges, and tests with the ultimate goal of traversing Morocco from north to south and successfully delivering 40kg of charitable materials per team to schools in small desert villages. Yes, you read it correctly: the primary objective of this “rally” is to provide a minimum of 40kg of materials for children, which will be distributed over a period of 9 days in all the towns designated by the organizing committee.

We are proud to represent XarcuSpain, a corporation dedicated to making a positive impact in the community. As part of our commitment, XarcuSpain has pledged to provide financial support to help develop and execute this project successfully. With their generous assistance, we aim to maximize the impact of our charitable efforts and ensure that the materials reach the schools in the designated desert villages, making a meaningful difference in the lives of children in need.